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Am I alive?!

Reality check?!

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A story of two Banjaras!

Picture credit – HIZIR KAYA


Fragments of life at a soldier’s deathbed.

PIcture by Harshita Gupta

The Exuberance of Book Clubs!

To be able to read together, share and listen to different thoughts and perspectives. To be able to let out a collective sigh; to appreciate the things we take for granted. To delve deep into the pages of a book, yet resurface because one is not alone. These are the little joys of being in a book club.

Featured Pic credit – Taksh

Runes of Hope!

Rune Poem!

In collaboration with Michael Raven

Featured pic credit – Alexander Schimmeck

April Blossoms

April wrap up!

What’s blossoming on your blog tree?

Shoutout to Jametlene Reskp

I’m Jealous!

Why so jealous? 🙂

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