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It’s never too late to achieve your dreams. – A.E.Taylor

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Singing in the rain!

I’m singing in the rain…… Alfred Dony’s voice reached a crescendo as Jenny switched off the radio. Nowadays, nothing absolutely nothing brought her joy. She would sit for endless hours just looking outside the window, gazing into nothing. Grief is a heavy burden and everyone deals with it differently. Jenny had tried everything possible underContinue reading “Singing in the rain!”

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As Night approaches…

The sun has flown to it’s nest Twilight gives out a sigh Darkness soon approaches There is a flicker and stars come out to dance in the sky. The moon calls out, peeking from behind the clouds and the waves soar up high. The ocean is bathed in moonlight a beautiful painting you can’t deny.Continue reading “As Night approaches…”

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Where The Crawdads Sing

I treated myself to a paperback edition of this book as it’s cover caught my eye in a bookshop and I found it to be absolutely irresistible!

“Painfully beautiful… At once a murder mystery, a coming of age narrative and a celebration of nature’
– New York Times

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Beautiful Chaos

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear the word chaos? Is it something which you associate with peace, harmony or inspiration? Now, add the word beautiful prior to it. Baffled, are you? Those were my exact thoughts when I picked up a notebook. I picked it up a coupleContinue reading “Beautiful Chaos”

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September Rain

Today is the first day of September! A fresh month with the promise of love, laughter and reminiscing for me. I pulled out this old issue of The Voice magazine to re-read a poem written by me and while I was reading it, a thought came to me to share it with my blogger’s community. This poem was published in the year, 2004.

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“Lately, I’ve been, I’ve been losing sleep. Dreaming about the things that we could be”, Anna switched off Counting Stars by OneRepublic, and removed her AirPods. She walked to her balcony and lit a cigarette. James and she had been planning the construction of their new home. It would be a cosy cottage with lot’sContinue reading “Freedom!”

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Beginning of a game

The Pawn moves California 2065 Anisha walked slowly towards the lavish grounds of Lavasa resort. It wasn’t her heels, it was her mind which was slowing her down. Dressed in an off shoulder Rose Gold dress, she shook her head ever so slightly to brush off the groggy clouds in her mind. The lovely fairyContinue reading “Beginning of a game”

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Pied Piper of Crisscross!

Ronaldo was a master story-teller and children waited with bated breath to hear his stories. Every Thursday, 4pm sharp he was at Crisscross to share his Throwback Thursday Tale and today was no exception.

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Hi folks! I wanted to pen a short story around the character of Gollum and Tolkien’s quote – “Not all those who wander are lost!” The first few paras were easy to write but then it got complex. Let me know if the idea behind the story came through. Thanks for taking out the timeContinue reading “Wanderers”

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