The Hidden Life of Trees

Picture by Harshita Gupta

Book Review – The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben. 🍂

As I sit with my morning cup of bliss, I’m astounded at how similar we are to trees. We both have skins, have children, communicate, age, need social security……

Walking down the metaphorical forest of Peter Wohlleben’s book, The Hidden Life of Trees, I’m captivated by the rustling of the leaves, the cackling of the roots and all the stories they want to share with me.

The beauty of the book is in how effectively Wohlleben is able to share all his well researched work with the reader in clear, simple terms.

Pradip Krishen, author of the bestseller, Trees of Delhi has beautifully stated :
“ Wohlleben’s book is to be admired not just because he is a forester with important things to say but because he says them so wonderfully well. “

The book makes me ponder how little we know about the ‘wood wide web’. Trees might live in the slow lane but perhaps they are more alive, more connected than humans.

The chapters are crisp with eye catching headings. My favourites being Friendships, The Tree Lottery, Forest Etiquette, Trees ageing gracefully, Street Kids, Burnout and Immigrants.

Cover illustration and design by Meena Rajasekaran is simply gorgeous and tempts one to read the book. I wish there were a few sketches of different trees during the narrative as well.

I’ll leave you with this quote by Tim Flannery who has penned the Foreword of the book.

“ Peter Wohlleben’s deep understanding of the lives of trees…. reveals a world so astonishing that if you read his book, I believe that forests will become magical places for you, too. “

Rating – 4/5 🌟🌟🌟🌟

11 thoughts on “The Hidden Life of Trees

  1. Wow never heard of a book on Trees, Harshi. I totally agree with your deep and profound post. Trees are part and parcel of us and the way we feel they too also do and when they are cut if you have an insight you will feel their pain and see them crying. Very sad.

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