It’s the season to be Jolly!

Fa la la la la la la…..

It’s that time of the year when spirits soar and there’s a special benevolence all around. Love and kindness are in the air. December heralds good cheer, cosy times, festive mood and then there is time for reflection before the new year dawns.

Around the same time last year I resolved to consistently read as I’d been missing out on it during the pandemic. I consider myself to be an avid reader and being part of a few virtual book clubs was the much needed boost which helped. It opened my world. There was so much to discuss. To enthusiastically agree with and politely disengage in case of a disagreement. My thoughts took the shape of reviews which were both appreciated and encouraged.

As the months passed, requests came in for facilitating book clubs for children. The books varied from The Chronicles of Narnia to The Book Thief as did the age groups.

Next came workshops on Creative writing for middle graders and it was the energy of the first group of participants which made me mull over creating my own blog. The love for writing and pouring it all out, ready to be shared instantly in the virtual world definitely connected with me and rekindled the joy of writing. A written work being acknowledged within seconds of being posted was a huge perk and it reaching all corners of the globe was another.

On June 6th, Reflections was born. The idea behind the word – Reflections, originated from William Wordsworth’s famous definition of poetry and I quote it “the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings recollected in tranquility“. The phrase “Recollected in tranquility” was the spark which ignited the blog. “Reflections” felt appropriate.

Hershe is a play on the name Harshi (also no domain name with Harshi was available). There is nothing feminist about it. Seagull is the inspiration from my favourite book, Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach.

I’m coming full circle now and would like to pause and thank everyone who have helped me in my journey so far. Having over 100 followers is thrilling but nothing beats the joy of one’s work being read.

A big shout out to fellow bloggers who take out the time to read my blog posts. I also deeply appreciate friends, fellow parents, former students and photobloggers who let me share their works which are often showcased as featured images.

Here’s wishing each one of you immense success and may you all continue to pursue what makes your soul happy!

Don’t ever doubt yourself, Mad-hatters. Put on your thinking caps and write away and that’s exactly what I intend to do as the adventure continues….

Post by Harshi

The lovely featured image is by TheEverygirl on pinterest.

8 thoughts on “It’s the season to be Jolly!

  1. Such a nice post! I love December too. Already feeling the Christmas spirit!
    Love the story behind the name of your blog! It also reminds me of chocolate. Wonder why 🙂
    Keep writing and reading, Harshi!

    Liked by 1 person

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