Who’s Joe?

Who painted the slate so white?
It seems to be a canvas so bright!

I think it’s that boy called Joe
His imagination is always in a flow
Powdered chalk drizzles from his fingers like snow

Ah! Is he the one who painted the globe half black, half white?
The Geography teacher was mad but the Art sir said he’s very bright!
The Sports coach has locked up all the balls in a fright!

Joe is a jolly good fellow.
No way! I think he’s a jerk!
I think he smiles sweetly
Oh no! That’s a smirk!
He’s always ready to share
but will run away if you give him a dare

Hey! It’s getting late and we’ve been wasting time, just talking about Joe.
Oh ya! The school is over and we better go
Yup. We wouldn’t want to get lost in the snow.

Poem by Harshi

Picture curtesy Ben White on Unsplash

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