Is Jack Frost for real?

It was a cold night in December. Josh looked out of his bedroom window and noticed something flit by. He immediately threw away his quilt, jumped out of the bed and rushed to throw open the window.

At that vey moment his sister Jess entered the room. “What on earth do you think you’re doing Joshua? It’s snowing outside and you’re standing in front of an open window? For God’s sake, it’s the middle of December! Do you want to catch a cold? Shut it at once!”

Josh quickly closed it and turned back to look at Jess who had an incredulous expression on her face.

“Care to explain?” she asked.

“Jess, I was dropping off to sleep when I saw something swoosh outside my window.” he said sincerely.

“Santa ain’t coming early Josh.” smirked Jess.

“No no. It wasn’t the Hohohho type. No jingling bells. It was someone with stealth.”

Jess blinked her eyes wondering if Josh had imagined it all or was he playing a prank on her. She decided to play along. “Oh! That must be Jack Frost.”

“Jack Frost! Who’s Jack Frost?”

“Why? He’s the one who ushers in the frosty season and snow.”

Poor Josh didn’t know what to make of it.

“and he’s friends with the boogeyman, Pitch Black.”

“Woooah! How’s that even possible?”

“Oh dear little Josh” said Jess, tapping his head. They both are actually angels who look after children while they sleep.

“What about sandman, then?”

“Sandman is there in summer. Pitch is there in winter to help Jack Frost. He makes the surroundings around Jack very dark so no one can see him.”

“Oooooooh! Like an invisibility cloak you mean.”


“Then why is he called the boogeyman?”

“Ah! Long story short, some mom used it to make her child sleep and the name stuck.”


“Someone had to be the bad guy, right Josh? There’s no hero without a villain?”

Jess laughed softly at her own clever comment.

By this time, Josh was becoming drowsy and his eyes were becoming heavy with sleep. He got into the bed and his sister tucked him in.

Jess tip toed her way out of the room, smiling at her own fabrication of a tale. As she slowly closed the door two shadows fell across the room.

Through Josh’s window one could see two faint shadows looking in. One was blowing in a warm sweet sleeping spell, while the other made fern like patterns on the cold window.

Story by Harshi

Lovely, Christmasy village picture by Roberto Nickson (Unsplash) 

13 thoughts on “Is Jack Frost for real?

  1. Wonderful. The story was so exciting. I loved it so much. Please keep posting. I enjoy reading every post of yours and actually looking forward to each new post.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Ah, my friend, this is so good! I liked how Pitch Black is friends with Jack and how Jess created her own version of the story about them. 😄😄😄 This is great! 👏🏻

    Liked by 1 person

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