March Mix-tape

March wrap up!

The month of March has been a whirlwind of activities for me. My daughter’s 7th grade exams got over. It was followed by celebration of the festival of colours – Holi! To be able to enjoy the festivities with gay abandon after the Corona dread was a feast for the eyes. On its heels followed a lovely family reunion which we’d been planning for sometime and a week long trip, far from the madding crowd.

In my blogging sphere, I came up with fresh concepts, poetry partnership, themes which challenged me and an overall sense of contentment.

A little about each post:

Miss Havisham – Is a Dickensian character, whose true worth I rediscovered a decade after I read Great Expectations. I penned a couplet (poem) about her, which Karima Hoisan from Digital Rabbit Hole, has described resplendently as a clever and beautiful execution of a poetic painting of a character.

Precious Ramotswe! – In this post, I paid homage to both World Book Day and International Women’s Day by writing about the fictitious Lady Detective – Mma Ram -Oat-Sway, who has touched the lives of million of readers and is immensely loved. She is all heart and the series presents a lovely glimpse of their culture, ways, and beliefs! says fellow blogger Anu Anniah

Oscillating! – Is a Rhymed Poem which captures a moment before a vital decision is made. I have attempted to express the turmoil of the concerned person in the poem. The focus is on the turmoil, not the decision. It was a bit challenging and the process made me appreciate people who have to make such tough decisions.

The healer, or: His steed David and I collaborated for Poetry Partners at The Skeptic’s Kaddish and the response we received was phenomenal! Praise for the work – It’s lovely how the two poems complete the poignant story. Both have such beautiful imagery. Lovely collaboration Anupam Choudhury

Walking in the Dark – Is a poem close to my heart as I’ve expressed my own feelings in it. Many readers have asked me why do I only glorify “Light” and say nothing affirmative about darkness? This poem does just that. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as Chef Kevin Ashton did. I deeply appreciate him sharing his experience as the poem resonated with him at a deeper level.

A spring in the step – Is a poem about free spirited people and finding the “Inner Joy”!

How did the month of March treat you? What did you do? Look forward to hear from you. Thanks for visiting!

Please stay alert, safe and happy.

Wishing you all, the very best!

Love, Harshi

Shoutout to Daniel Schludi for the vibrant featured click (Unsplash)

14 thoughts on “March Mix-tape

  1. Excellent approach to presenting a summary of past posts! Like a newsletter. Thanks for sharing! You’re on a roll, Harshita! I’m also happy to see that you’ve mastered WordPress technically too 🙂

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    1. Hey Devang! Thanks for stopping by. I have a habit of organising material and from that originated the idea behind this month end review. So glad that you liked it. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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