April Blossoms

April wrap -up!

Greeting from Reflections! It’s so lovely to notice all the Mother’s Day posts popping up on my Reader. Here’s wishing all the mums, dads and care givers out there who get to “mother”. A mother’s bond is truly precious but mothering is equally beautiful! After all, It takes a village to raise a child. This proverb means that an entire community must come together for the mental and physical well being of the child. These bands of people strive to create a healthy environment for the child to blossom.

May there always be sunshine
May there always be blue skies
May there always be mummy
May there always be me!

Offering this popular Soviet children’s song as a prayer and feeling blessed that my daughter has such a community, where she thrives!

In my blogging community, there’s been a flourish of gorgeous pictures of flowers and birds. An ode to Mother Earth and the celebration of the Spring season!

What blossomed on my blog? The blossoms were few but were quite rejuvenating for my mind. Let’s take a look.

The Fool – Is a poem about the eternal conflict between the head and the heart. The last two lines highlight the question about who’s the real fool? This poem seemed to have echoed the thoughts of many fellow bloggers. “Love the interplay between heart and mind.Also the note on the word tamasha was interesting.” says the poet, the mouse from The Twisting Tail

To bridge the gap between an adaptation and its story! – Shares my views on how some script writers lack insight while turning a book into a movie or a streaming service and lose it’s soul in the process. The show in question – Bridgerton S2 . aparna12 responded warmly to it and said “Wow. It’s a very interesting review. Do keep up the good work.”

A Dandelion’s wish… – “Oh I love this Harshi…everything about it..! The wisdom, the tale and the ending so poetic and lyrical..Just a beautiful write…from concept to finish!!” – alluring recounting by Karima Hoisan from Digital Rabbit Hole

Tick tock… – Is an amusing rhyming poem with repetition as a poetic feature. It’s about our never-ending race against time. Many readers enjoyed it and Judith from Artistcoveries has described it beautifully as “Fun to read, and thought-provoking, too. I can feel time ticking in your poem.”

I’m Jealous! – Touched a chord with both male and female bloggers. Devang Upadhyaya from Fat Guy Workout called it “This is candid, this is assuring and also it’s giving many answers.” ; while Deeksha Bhardwaj from Ruminative Philomath expressed that it was “Inspirational. A beautiful and much-needed reminder to be yourself coz you are enough!”

Hope you’ll enjoy going through these posts.

What has been blossoming on your blog tree? Do share and thanks for visiting!

Please stay alert, safe and happy.

Wishing you all, the very best!

Love, Harshi

Shoutout to Alexander Schimmeck for such a refreshingly gorgeous pic!

You can listen to the song – May There Always Be Sunshine

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