The Exuberance of Book Clubs!

“A cup of tea, a good book and fresh flowers! Pure bliss! ” As said by my friend, Lavleen πŸ’•

My current read – Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote. Picked up this for a light read after I finished reading Em and The Big Hoom by Jerry Pinto. I thought no book could ever surpass the anguish in The Color Purple, written by Alice Walker but Em….was an experience in itself. These two books deserve a separate post. Will pen them shortly.

I was recently invited to a book meet and my first read in that club was Em and The Big Hoom. I have been facilitating book clubs for children but to be part of one myself, was overwhelming!

To be able to read together, share and listen to different thoughts and perspectives. To be able to let out a collective sigh; to appreciate the things we take for granted. To delve deep into the pages of a book, yet resurface because one is not alone. These are the little joys of being in a book club.

My virtual book clubs have a charm of their own. They are a hub for exchange of ideas and information. A sanctuary for minds to gather and discuss their reads. There is laughter and provocation. Gentle teasing, assessments and disagreement and ofcourse Eureka moments!

It was the virtual book clubs (vbc) that provided a release during the pandemic. While I’m overjoyed to be part of a bk club where I can reach out and shake someone’s hand, give another one a hug; I do cherish my vbc members very much if not equally. πŸ’•

If you’re an avid reader and enjoy reading or writing book reviews and are searching for a place to post/share them, then please look up The Book Club and Senior Reading Raccoons on fb. I absolutely adore them! πŸ’•

Pic credit – yours truly πŸ’•

Post by Harshi

8 thoughts on “The Exuberance of Book Clubs!

  1. Beautiful post! I truly enjoy my book club, and we combine virtual with in-person events. Many of us live far from the main group, so we still get to enjoy the company and the incredibly inciteful interpretations everyone offers. Enjoy Breakfast at Tiffany’s! T.C. is one of my favorites.

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