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W3 Prompt #2: Have a ball of a Time!

Time is like a yarn ball
At times, it just sits still
And, at times it rolls fast, faster than you can think
It comes in every colour
And each colour adds something to our lives
It bounces and it twirls
And gets knitted to make us feel alive!
At the end, we get a coat of many colours
And when the time is up, only the coat remains
Waiting to be passed on to the next of kin!

Poem by Harshi

Featured Pic by Karen Penroz

Note – • In my poem, Coat of many colours is a reference to memories.

• In the Hebrew Bible, the coat of many colours is the name for the garment that Joseph owned, which was given to him by his father, Jacob. It indicates  showing special favour or relationship.

• Coat of many Colors is also a melodious and heart tugging song by The American song writer and singer – Dolly Parton

Britta’s prompt guidelines – W3

  • Write a poem on the theme of time. 
    Free verse or form? Your decision. 
    Ten lines or less, mine. 
    I like simple. I like short. 
    I like sounds far beyond the tick and tock of clocks becoming clocks.

The Poet of the week – PoW ( Britta ) did an amazing thing! She knitted a fresh poem, taking lines from every poem which was submitted for the challenge. That way, everyone was a winner!

She concluded by taking the last line of my poem. Sharing the poem here. Hope you enjoy this collective poem by 19 poets!

a poem by 19 writers
found by Britta Benson
as a way to say ‘Thank you’

Now you’re older and wiser (Lauren Swanberg – LSS Attitude of Gratitude)
Unheeded by demands (A J Wilson, poetisatinta)
Like salt and butter and regret (The Richard Braxton)
A remembrance that once upon a time there was a young beautiful “me” (Michnavs)

In the clocks they track me (Brigid Faye)

Time flows backwards in this house of memory (Paula Light and Light Motifs II)
Know what you know, it seems to say (Marion Horton, Writing Whatnots)
Trills of birds, spliced with traffic horns (Sarah David, Words and Coffee Writing)
Trying to circumvent the rotating orb (Radhika, radhikasreflection)
Will not standstill, frenemy (Punam, paeansunplugged)

Let us sit here and sing: (Aditi, Librocubicularist soul)
A thousand gone summers (Steven Wallace, nostigmata)
Silent abyss-eyes consume light (David, The Skeptic’s Kaddish)
Warm water, flowing from the faucet (Nobe’s Globe)
Linear – of course not (Kerfe, kblog)
Spheres align, blending joy with fear (Donna, Half Baked Log)

Pen trying oft to write purpose (Kunjal, Duo Disseminators)
The old friend’s secrets (Khushi, Duo Disseminators)
Waiting to be passed on to the next of kin (Harshi)


13 thoughts on “W3 Prompt #2: Have a ball of a Time!

  1. As both a knitter and crocheter, I can related to the image of a yarn ball. Particularly unruly ones that like to get away from you and inevitably get tangled up in something! Describes time rather perfectly, I think.

    Enjoyed this one a lot! Thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Kathleen! I’m so happy that the poem resonated with you. I also love how you expressed yourself. The description fits the poem like a glove. 💕


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