Time, a collective poem

The Poet of the week – PoW did an amazing thing! She knitted a fresh poem, taking lines from every poem which was submitted for the challenge. That way, everyone was a winner!

She concluded by taking the last line of my poem. Hope you enjoy this collective poem by 19 poets!

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Picture credit: Andrew Benson

David, http://www.skepticskaddish.com, chose my poem ‘Decision Time’ as prompt poem for this week’s W3 challenge. As a result, many supremely talented poets have used my poem and my guideline – to write a response of up to ten lines about the theme of time – as inspiration.

Here’s the link to David’s post, where you can read all the response poems in full: https://skepticskaddish.com/2022/05/11/w3-prompt-2-weave-written-weekly/

I have enjoyed reading the responses so much, that I wanted to say ‘Thank you’, thank you so much, to all the participants. Over the past few days I have wondered about how I could express my gratitude… Then, I had an idea. Poetic, of course.

I have produced a found poem choosing one sentence of each of the responses to create a new ‘time piece’.

You’ll find the name of the author in brackets at the end of each line. This…

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