A Note Left Behind

Aaron walked home, tired yet happy. It had been a good day and now he looked forward to a steaming cup of coffee, while sitting at the porch with his wife Martha and enjoy the last rays of the setting sun.

Martha and he had shifted to the hills, a couple of years ago. He had always heard the hills calling to him and it was indeed a treat to come and settle here after his bustling city life. He had been skeptical about Martha but she seemed to be adapting well to this quiet life in this quaint little town.

Martha, wrote a note for Aaron and placed it on the kitchen counter. She had tried adjusting to this life but the city lights were calling out to her. She needed to return to the stage, to her audience. She lifted her suitcase with mixed emotions.

As Aaron approached the house, he felt that it was unusually silent. There was no music playing and definitely no whiff of coffee which Martha would brew for them every evening. He took out his house key and unlocked the door. It creaked ominously.

He called out “Martha! Martha, I’m home.” There was no reply. Aaron went to one room after another but there was no response. It was as if Martha had vanished. There was a slight trace of the perfume which Martha loved to wear. That meant that she must have left recently. Aaron did a mental checklist but he didn’t recall her mentioning any appointments. No book club. No tea party at Nancy’s. No planned visit to the departmental store.

Aaron moved into the kitchen and his eyes spotted a note next to the moka pot. He almost ran and picked it up. As he read it, his eyes grew big with bewilderment. He scooped up his car keys and dashed outside but then he stopped himself. He turned, climbed up the porch steps slowly with a heavy heart and then collapsed in a cane chair. As he watched the sunset his eyes began to glisten. One lone tear streaked down his cheek and dropped on the note where it read, “You know I’ve tried, but this is not working out and I need some time away.”

Short story by Harshi
Featured pic by Hannah Olinger.

In response to Writing prompt by Lady Jabberwocky

Prompt of the Week: A Note Left Behind

19 thoughts on “A Note Left Behind

  1. Sadly, I bet this scene or variations of it are played out frequently. You capture Aaron’s thoughts and feelings so well.. without knowing the other side, I felt a great sympathy for him…but then again, there always is another side/ well-crafted Harshi and well-told.

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    1. Yes Karima, there is the other side. I had initially thought of concluding with that. With Martha climbing the bus and journeying to pursue her dreams but I wanted the focus to be Aaron and the note. I felt that Martha’s liberated step might rob the story of its centre.

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      1. My dear Karima, feedback and suggestions are always welcome from friends for they make us see how we can grow. Thank you and please never hesitate. I know you have my best interest at heart.

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  2. Very beautiful story, dear Harshi. I am very impressed. Keep writing, shining and smiling always. Have a fantastic week ahead. 😊😊🌹🌹🌹🌹♥️♥️♥️

    Liked by 1 person

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