July Rains!

Shoutout to Todd Diemer on Unsplash

The temperature was soaring in the capital, thankfully the rains swept the heat away while the downpour cooled down the place. It’s been a lush, breathtakingly beautiful July, yet, I didn’t have my fill of the monsoon season as the showers were infrequent.

The traffic hummed along, children could be seen in their school uniforms, dotted with umbrellas and raincoats. Street urchins danced, played and splashed around with their paper boats. Even the street and traffic lights looked vibrant and magical! The breeze was lovely and everything looked pristine in the goodness of fresh rain. Monsoon does have its charm and is even more appealing if one has the time to sit and enjoy it with a hot cup of masala chai!

Hello blogger world! Greetings from Reflections

How has your July been? Did your region experience a heat – wave? Did you take a summer break or a break from blogging? Were there any celebrations this month? Do feel free to share as I’d love to know. In our world, my little heartbeat (daughter) turned into a teen! I’m absolutely exhilarated but also have mixed emotions. It’s not long before my song bird will spread her wings and fly away…. How will I deal with an empty nest? There’s still time to mull over these questions. It’s not as if she’s leaving for college tomorrow. I’m just amazed at the person she’s becoming and while my heart brims with pride, there’s an invisible thread that tugs at it.

In my blogosphere, I penned three poems:

Eureka! – Is an endearing poem about when an idea hits you, completely out of the blue! Peach Berman expresses her response to the poem in a fun way by saying “What a lovely, relatable verse! I especially love the burst of action at the end. Go, synapse, go!” 

Inertia! – This rhyming poem captures the state of being in, inertia.The need to snap out of this trance like “anesthetic drip” is highlighted as it compels us to not pursue anything and fall into a void. Daily Poetry writes in appreciation of the poem “Great poem, Harshi. I think about it when I am sitting sleepy-eyed behind my computer with a lack of inspiration. It helps me delve deeper in search of words.”

Seeker! – Fellow poetess, Karima Hosian has described this poem beautifully as “An intriguing enigma of a dream come alive in poetry…I love the layered scenes, the fear turned to self confidence and then the wise words of your majestic beast and guide. Beautifully retold and cloaked in the mystery of the seeker.”

That’s all at my end, folks! All three poems were received well but Seeker seems to be reigning at Reflections.

My current read is Sunlight on a Broken Column by Attia Hosain and I finally got around to watching The Reader on Netflix. Needless to say, both Kate Winslet and David Kross have done a phenomenal job!

I look forward to hear from you.

May you all, keep smiling, shining and creating…..

Love, Harshi

Shoutout to Todd Diemer on Unsplash for the jazzy featured click!

12 thoughts on “July Rains!

  1. Thank you for sharing more of your beautiful poems, Harshi. Children grow up so quickly, don’t they? One minute, they’re born, and the next, they’re moving out. My July was hot. We even had an unprecedented heatwave which was totally unexpected. The heat got up to just over 40 C during the day and not much cooler at night. I found it unbearably hot and couldn’t sleep or go out. This week, we’re expecting temperatures of around 30-33 C which is hot enough for me. I’m hoping it doesn’t go higher than that. We also haven’t had rain for months now; everything around us is as dry as a bone, and all the grass is yellow and dead. Even in my country, crops are failing in the fields – we desperately need some rain. Take care of yourself, my friend. Xx 🌞

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    1. Ellie!!! That sounds dreadful my friend. I’m sending some rain clouds your way. 🌧️🌧️🌈

      You’re absolutely right about kids growing up in the blink of an eye!

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