Are you hurt my friend?

Do the wounds run deep?

Are they embedded in your mind and don’t let you sleep?

I can feel your loss

I can feel your pain

You keep spiralling down on it like a bird flying down on its prey

You keep slipping on the slide of grief

and there is not much I can do

I stand like a silent spectator

wishing you would get through

and finally get your closure

and finally you will arise

shedding the old skin

after your misery is purged in the blazing fire

I know a day will come when you shall not be tormented by your past

when you will look upon those memories fondly and let go of them, at last.

Poem by Harshi

The fascinating and mesmerising featured click is by Maxim Tajer (Unsplash)

How long is long enough for grieving?

There is no fixed time. For some, it might be hours, for some days and for a few, years to get their closure. As a friend, all one can do is stay put and never lose hope.

10 thoughts on “Purged!

  1. Wow. Your poem is so beautiful that I can’t stop raving about it. I am going to share it with my friends. Lovely writing, dear. Keep going, you are a rock star.

    Liked by 3 people

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